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Mar 262015

Everest Western CWEvery year, there Everest attracts climbers wanting to do something out of the ordinary and 2015 will be no different. This is a quick overview of some of the ambitious plans from climbers all around the globe:

Rarely Climbed North-Northeast Ridge

Canadian Raphael Slawinski will be attempting a different route with two German friends, ed  David Goettler and Daniel Bartsch with no Sherpas or Os. source

N-NE (Zakharov’s) Couloir: May 20, 1996- Russians Peter Kuznetzov, Valeri Kohanov, and Grigori Semikolenkov climb the Zakharov Couloir to the top of the North Ridge, and then follow the NE Ridge to the summit.  source

Speed Climb

Kilian Jornet will attempt to set a speed record on Everestbut not from Base Camp but perhaps starting from a lower village,  even Namche. Of course he will not use supplemental oxygen. This is a good overview of him at The New Yorker

He set a record on Denali with an ascent and descent taking 11 hours and 48 minutes, which was five hours faster than the previous record of 16 hours 46 minutes set by Ed Warren in 2013. He set another record on Aconcagua starting from the park entrance at Horicones and after reaching Plaza de Mulas Base camp at 4400m he continued on via the Normal Route, covering almost 30km and ascending 3.962m vertical meters to reach the summit, struggling slightly with the altitude during the last 400m. He descended via the same route and completed the 59,85km roundtrip in 12 hours 49 minutes. source

Skiing Lhotse

Matt Moniz and Willie Benegas will summit Everest then attempt to ski the Lhotse Coulair, it has never been fully skied.

Everest, Kanchenjunga and K2

Kenton Cool will attempt what he calls the Himalayan Trilogy of Everest, Kanchenjunga and K2 all in 3 months. source

Summit from Both Sides

Rupert Jones-Warner will attempt a double climb from the north then helicopter to the Nepal base camp for an attempt on that side thus hoping to become the first Briton to do this. In 2013, David Liano accomplished the same feat. source

Everest with No Os

Ralf Dujmovits, so far the only German who climbed all eight-thousanders, wants to scale Everest without bottled oxygen – together with the Canadian Nancy Hansen. Alix von Melle and Luis Stitzinger plan to do the same. They are climbing with Amical. source

Best of luck to all.

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