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Climbing the World to End Alzheimer's
Dec 072010
Building Snow Walls Around Low Camp

As I previously wrote, we knew a change was ahead for the weather and it arrived last night.

The good news is the temperature warmed to above zero but it came as a result of clouds and winds.

So we are taking another day at Low Camp. The other two teams went up yesterday but we don’t know if they summited.

View from the Top of the Fixed Ropes - Sue's Pyramid in CenterSo, > the waiting game begins – could be hours; could be days.

In the meantime here are a couple of pictures from the last few days.

Climb On!
Memories are Everything

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  5 Responses to “The Antarctica Waiting Game Begins”


    I just wanted you to know that i have just read about your climbs, and i am so excited to be able to donate on your climbs. My mother died of Alzheimer’s also. I so greatly admire what you are doing, not only for your contributions to Alzheimer’s research, but also for your fortitude and strength. I will pray for you and your team daily and keep updated. I can’t climb mountains, but i want to help in any way that i can. I wish that i could give you a big hug. I also posted about your climbs on my SU site and also on facebook, to keep updated. Please, please exercise great care, and I know that angels are watching over you and your mom and aunts are smiling from heaven


    You know how to be and wait for the right weather window Alan. Just “chill out” (easy to do in Antarctica, I suppose), then be ready to rock ‘n’ roll when the weather gods smile upon you.


    Thank you, Cathy!
    “Patience is seeing the big picture and knowing it is worth it.” m.c.
    Wait and see then Climb On!


    Thanks Cathy + thx Alan for the photos and comments, moral support – hang in there, and enjoy the trip (and as always climb high, and come home safely)


    Hi, everybody following Alan on FB and Twitter…we know that both links are broken. Unfortunately, I am unable to fix the problem. Please just go directly to to read/listen to the dispatches…thanks