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Climbing the World to End Alzheimer's
Mar 032011

I had a wonderful opportunity today to speak with three of the leading Bloggers on Alzheimer’s. We explored our common goals around Alzheimer’s Disease – education, supporting family caregivers and finding a cure

Each of these individuals are personally impacted by AD and write passionately about their own experiences plus provide a valuable service with information, links and articles posted throughout the web.

The Bloggers were:

·         Alzheimer’s Reading Room
·         Alzheimer’s Speaks Blog
·         WEGO Health

I encourage you to add their sites to your daily “must read” bookmarks and also subscribe to them.

Through their help we will reach millions more during The 7 Summits Climb for Alzheimer’s: Memories are Everything. They have already posted information about my climbs. In fact the Alzheimer’s Reading Room has been helping since last November! Thanks Bob.

I must tell you that today’s call gives me so much energy that even as I write this post while on my daily elliptical torture machine ( I am now on hour 2), the pace picked up.

There is so much discouraging news these days, about Alzheimer’s and more, that the good news is often lost.

  • Progress is being made in research
  • Hope is alive
  • Caregivers smile each day with their loved one’s

As I enter the final few weeks before leaving for Everest, I am full of optimism, gratitude and memories.

And as always, your personal support is needed to meet the $1M goal. Please make a donation today to one of these causes: The Cure Alzheimer’s Fund and/or The National Family Caregivers Association. 100% to Alzheimer’s, zero to me.

Please Donate for Research Today

Climb On!


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