27 thoughts on “Audio Dispatch from Mt. Everest

  1. I have been following your blog for the past couple of years and have always been
    so inspired. This latest post has brought tears to my eyes. Climb on, Alan! Sending
    you best wishes from Kathmandu.xx

  2. I have really enjoyed following your Everest journey this year, Alan.
    Your latest blog however,moved me to tears.I will be sending you
    positive vibes and best wishes as you strive for the summit tonight.
    Climb On! Michelle

  3. you keep climbing and SOARING with red eagle spirits — for those who are no longer able to. and then come home safely.

  4. Alan, Thank you for your heartfelt message about your mother and the pain of Alzheimer’s.
    All your efforts to reach the summit echo the commitment so many of us have towards finding a treatment for this terrible disease. Good on!

  5. Ok Alan,if you didn’t have my heart before…you do now….and when I say that I mean it,chocolate is just carbs and fun but the heart is where it all happens for me….I am with you.

  6. Up Up and away Alan….you sound really strong…my thoughts are with you and for a great success for you and your team…Climb on!!!

  7. Wow, You made it from C3 to C4 in crazy fast time! Hopefully the winds start to die down as you’re heading out soon. Thanks for the enlightening and inspiring update. Memories are Everything!

  8. Just looked at the GPS locater. Amongst other far more important thoughts, I find myself getting better at recognizing Everest from space. Climb on!

  9. Dear Alan I’m thinking of you from down here in Australia. My beautiful Nana has alzhiemers and doesn’t remember my name. Thank you for making such an exciting courageous journey for such a great cause. I bet your mum would be so proud.
    Tasha 🙂

  10. Alan – you strong and ready for your summit bid! Outstanding update and it really drives home how devastating this disease both for the and the family. Be safe and looking forward to your next update.

  11. Go Alan , good luck in your final push , God Spead my friend .

    Nik – syd aust

  12. Summit push almost here if I have time right. Thinking of u & can’t wait to get ur next post celebrating standing on top of the world! Waiting excitedly. Go Alan!

    Bec Sydney Australia

  13. I am thinking about you. Very touched at your story about your mom, and best wishes for your summit tonight.

    Catherine, following from Dublin

  14. Best of luck from Germany for your two objectives. Following you blog is most fascinating and inspiring. Wish you to get on top, but getting up is optional, getting down mandatory.

  15. Hi Alan,

    All the best tonight to you and the IMG team. I am following the team closely. Goodluck and stay safe….to you and the entire team.


  16. Best of luck Alan for the climb tonight. You sound great – especially your voice, which is a great sign. Amazing time from C3 to C4 too. Lets hope you get there – you sure deserve it.
    Paul Adler.

  17. This post brought tears to my eyes. No one deserves this summit more than you, Alan. You’ve worked so hard for it. I will be thinking of you and holding my breath until your safe return. Best wishes for a successful climb.

  18. We’ve all been with you every step of the way Alan. Your last audio dispatch made me cry, listening to the your story of your Mum’s Alzheimer’s & I am about to donate now. Go summit that great hill & have a safe journey back!

    Bec in Sydney Australia

  19. I’m still amazed at how strong you sound but I shouldn’t be because I know how hard you’ve trained for this. Running up and down multiple 14ers per week hasn’t hurt your chances and you definitely have the mental toughness to get to the summit and back. Stay safe. Climb on!

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