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Climbing the World to End Alzheimer's
Jul 072011
Climbing the Headwall to 16K

Climbing the Headwall to 16K

Today, there Friday, case July 9th is a rest day at the 14 camp. We are all a bit nervous as the clouds have replaced the perfectly clear blue skies we have enjoyed the last few days.

Hopefully we leave for High Camp at 17, 200′ early tomorrow, Saturday morning. We keep hearing of summits from the few teams still high on Denali but also know the weather really dictates summits at this point.

The mountain has cleared out as we near the end of the climbing season. There are only four teams here at the 14,000′ camp whereas in 2007 when I was last here there were about 30 teams. The National Park Service will leave their seasonal station here in a couple of weeks ending the season for most people.

Attached are a few pictures of us climbing. Everyone feels good and is very optimistic.

I want to add something else here. I have been both amazed and gratified that I have met so many fellow climbers on my four climbs thus far who know of the 7 Summits Climb for Alzheimer’s. Just today at 14K on Denali I met three people who have been following my climbs and are regular visitors to my site.

But more importantly, each one of these people have seen the impact of Alzheimer’s first hand – a parent or grandparent are common; sometimes a spouse.

Each conversation gives me more strength and encouragement. Together we will make a difference in the world of Alzheimer’s.

Climb On!
Memories are Everything

  12 Responses to “Ready to Move Higher on Denali”


    Hey Alan, everything is looking great, best of luck for getting higher, I’ll know you will get all the way from there!!


    Alan…here’s to great weather…one more time up the headwall, onto high camp, throw a football on the football field and on to the summit.
    “One day at a time!!!!”


    Sounds like its going well.Wishing you good luck next few days climbing to high camp.Hopefully,on summit day it will be clear so Sara Palin can see you from her house!!!…: ) lol


    Hi Alan!
    It’s good to know you guys are doing great! Rest well and be safe on your way to the top… Good luck to all and please say hi to my brother Alex!
    Kristine (South Africa)


    Glad to hear you are doing so well & in great spirits!


    Alan, good luck to you and the rest of the June 26th team (especially to our son, Aaron!!!). We enjoy following your updates and Spot tracker and we support your commitment to raising money for Alzheimer’s. Wishing you all great summit weather!!!


    Thanks for inspiring us all.


    Thanks for the inspiring thoughts and beautiful pictures!
    Good climbing, Alan


    I personally want to thank you for raising money for Alzheimer’s research and for the caretakers. July 10, 2011 is the first anniversary of my brother’s passing due to this disease. I will be making a donation to one of your charities for summiting Denali in his memory. Thank you, so much. You are impacting so many people. Climb on! Journey on!


    Good luck, Alan! And thanks for the excellent photos.


    Stay safe as you climb…..sending prayers for a safe summitt. I am so glad there are climbers with you that have followed your journey…they understand the commitment you have made to raising the awareness of Alzheimer’s.


    great shot; ok, sending you calm clear weather from rainy foggy Connecticut 🙂

    Very good luck tomorrow Alan!!!!

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