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Jul 092011

Audio DispatchListen to my latest phonecast

  7 Responses to “Audio Dispatch from Denali 2011 – 7th phonecast”


    God Speed, Alan…


    Alan…enjoy the active rest day and I hope the weather holds for tomorrow’s summit bid…enjoy Denali pass, weather station, pig hill and the fantastic views from the summit.
    Super job and “one day at a time!!!!”


    Alan, Wonderful report form above the clouds! Everything sounds favorable – fingers crossed and best wishes.


    Hi Alan, You sound great! I am about 100 miles away from your location and can see the summit from here. Looks good. Take care.


    You sound like you are in a good condition and the weather is playing ball. Keeping my fingers’ crossed for you my friend. Be safe.


    Way to go, Alan. The weather is sending the best signs I’ve ever heard. Good luck on Monday!


    You sound real good, and conditions sound great. Hope it all stays in a good groove for you.

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