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Climbing the World to End Alzheimer's
Jul 102011

Audio DispatchListen to my latest phonecast

  7 Responses to “Audio Dispatch from Denali 2011 – 8th phonecast”


    Stay safe my good friend, Norrms Uk


    Hi Alan,
    Thank you for sharing such a sad, but beautiful story. You are so right, memories are everything.
    Good luck to you, my brother Alex and all the other team members for summit day. Hope the weather holds and that the views and the feelings up there will be magnificent! 😉
    Kristine (Alex’s sister)
    South Africa


    Beautiful story Alan – reminds me of my Grandma so much. Safe climb my friend.



    Great story.Shows just exactly why you are doing this.Good luck this morning with weather.Smile down to the rest of us North Americans from the top!


    Fingers and toes all crossed for clear weather! Thanks for sharing the beautiful story- a great articulation of the motivation to cure this awful disease.


    Thanks for this dispatch, Alan. Hope the weather gods smile on you tomorrow.


    You know better than anyone how well patience pays off. Be safe my friend!

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