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Jul 162011

Audio DispatchListen to my latest phonecast

  17 Responses to “Audio Dispatch from Denali 2011 – 9th phonecast”


    Bummer but it’s the right move I’m sure. Pretty tough to sit for a week, so well done!

    Full donation coming of course!

    Hope to see you in CO! I’m heading out early….tomorrow in fact


    Well, darn it! As others are saying, stay safe. Congratulations on a fine attempt of this peak. I look forward to following the continued quest with the remaining mountains. Thank you for keeping us posted!


    Be safe as your travel down……Safety is the utmost goal always. Mother nature is in control……wisdom must prevail always and forever, my friend.
    Still will be making my summit pledge!


    I’ve had similar experiences twice on that mountain. I know your pain!


    Hi Alan,
    great climb at obviously bad weather. Come back safe! You are doing an outstanding 7summit mission
    Climb on Christian


    You all spent a long, LONG time at 17,200 so you did all you could. With 1.5 feet of snow and big winds there was no way to go up. So congrats on a great climb. Please pay my respects to The Great One of Denali. If you are indeed the last team down for the year remember to turn off the lights. I look forward to seeing you home buddy.


    O,well maybe next time! Just think how tough that guy had it that was trying to solo Denali last winter! Get down safe,and get home safe.The mountain will still be there.Like you said,its the cause thats important.Proud of ya!


    You hung out up high for a long time Alan. Very solid attempt. Get down safely and stay well! Wishing you all the best.


    Well, that’s a bummer that you don’t get to climb the rest of the mountain. Safe journey home.


    Hard luck Alan – but as you obviously know, the mountain always makes the decision. It isn’t the mountain that wins this time but rather the causes for the cure. Hoping better awaits you on the next peak. Climb on!


    Bummer!! Much happier that you will be coming home safely though. Mountain’s not going anywhere 🙂 On to the next one!!!


    Well, at least Denali isn’t going anywhere. Looking forward to hearing about your plans for another attempt. Safe travels back down. Climb on!


    Alan…super effort and that is all you can ask for…have a safe trip down and get ready for that next climb…time to remember that all climbing is a journey and not a summit.
    “One day at a time!”



    Congrats on another big climb. Sorry the weather didn’t serve you up a weather break-disappointing I Know-but as you said your mission is much bigger than standing on a particular point of topography…climb down safe.


    Alan, I am disappointed for you, but much better to live to climb another day than to risk to the point of foolishness. I admire your intelligence, your common sense, and your benevolence (by donating 100% for your cause).


    Ya know, I thought of you the other day and what your doing. I was on what should be a easy day hike. 3 times I have attempted this hike. First time, I fell into a river caught just in time by my hubbs to get me out. Second time, we got all the way to where we had left off and the weather changed so fast we had to turn back, Third time? My hip popped out of joint. No kidding. This trail wants to kill me. But I have learned more from it then any of my other “adventures” sometimes ya just got to listen. Good to hear you doing well and not risking yourself. I love what your doing. Climb on : )


    Bummer, as you said this is part of mountaineering. You sound great, safe travels on your way down.

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