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Jul 182011

Audio DispatchListen to my latest phonecast

  9 Responses to “Audio Dispatch from Denali 2011 – 10th phonecast”


    Hi Alan,

    Thanks for all your updates throughout the trip. It’s really been wonderful to listen to you. Have a safe trip home and enjoy all these precious new memories!
    Best wishes.

    Kristine (Alex’s sister)
    South Africa



    Congrats on a valiant effort! For those of us who follow mountaineering, we know Denali can be one of the toughest when the weather doesn’t participate (and even when it does). Glad you are safe. Climb on!

    By the way, I’d love to have a poster from the 7 Summits campaign. Any plans to print any (and autograph them :))?



    I don’t know what to post.
    I guess I will just say that my thoughts have been with you on this climb.
    Take Care,


    Alan! Your reasonable approach to the challenge of climbing Denali is great to hear, despite how personally disappointing it might be to you as a climber. I’m glad you’re positive and most of all, SAFE. Well, I look at it this way: we have next year to see you attempt it again, yeah?

    I am sorry not to have replied to your dispatches lately; ironically, Dave and I have been on vacation in Maui while you have been climbing one of the colder spots in the world. But as soon as I got home I got on your site and am commenting now.

    Keep your spirits up and know that we are all pulling for your successful climb hopefully next year. I for one will be there!



    I dont even know what to comment, it never occurred to me that you wouldn’t summit all of the mountains! Of course it has no bearing on your ultimate summit, the spread of knowledge about Alzheimers, its s and its caregivers. They make huge summits every day, and what a CHAMPION they have in you. So proud to be following you Alan. Stupid Denali….she doesnt know how lucky she would have been to count you as one of her summiteers! Safe trip home my friend!


    Hi, Alan – happy to hear your voice near the end of what must be one #@%&!! challenging trip. We were all worrying about you on nasty, tempermental Denali.
    I like Dave’s comment about life. Yes, indeed.
    Your journey is having the intended impact with or without bagging summits, reminding us with every blog and phonecast to make memories count. Safe travels home for some well-deserved R&R.


    Alan….have a speedy pull up “Heartbreak Hill” and enjoy the view on the flight out and “One shot pass.” Getting close to home…”one day at a time!!!!!”



    Have a safe journey home


    Hi Alan – glad to hear you’re in good spirits despite the frustrating situation – but I guess that’s all part of climbing big mountains, and part of life. Safe travels back to the landing strip, and then back home. Dave.

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