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Climbing the World to End Alzheimer's
Jul 302011

I was surprised to receive this personal letter today from my US Senator, try Mark Udall. I didn’t know a lot about his climbing experience but the personal nature of this note led me to find a kindred spirit with my Senator.

While my attention was immediately directed to his climbing comment, it was his acknowledgement of the Alzheimer’s work that brought a smile. Senator Udall supported the National Alzheimer’s Project Act recently signed into law by President Obama.

He worked for Colorado Outward Bound School as a course director and educator from 1975-85 and as the organization’s executive director from 1985-95. He summited the 28,169′ Kanchenjunga in 1990 and attempted Everest three times without a summit, including reaching 25,500 on the North Face. Also he was stuck near the summit of Denali for 10 days waiting out a fierce storm

If the Udall name sounds familiar, politics runs in his family. His father, Morris “Mo” Udall, served in the U.S. House of Representatives for 30 years and ran for the Democratic nomination for President in 1976. His uncle, Stewart, was Secretary of the Interior under U.S. Presidents Kennedy and Johnson. In 2008, Mark’s cousin, Tom Udall, was elected as New Mexico’s Senator.

Udall serves as the chairman of the United States Senate Energy and Natural Resources Subcommittee on National Parks.

Thank you Senator! and Climb on!

To get to know my Senator better, watch this crazy interview with comedian Stephen Colbert. He starts to discuss Everest at 3:16 at in the video.

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  14 Responses to “Everest 2011: A letter from my Congressman and more”


    Hey Alan

    mmmm, well let’s think about it. By the time a head of steam is cooking on it, maybe I’ll be ready for Denali. What a dream!


    Udall has another cousin that was in the Senate from Oregon btw… and if you are interested at all, they are descended from John D. Lee an infamous early utahn….


    Joe, only if I could be guaranteed to raise a ton of money for Alzheimer’s, otherwise I am tempted to say Denali has won 🙂


    That is just fantastic recognition Alan! Hey, do I see another Denali expedition forming? 🙂


    I was told that Mark has done all the 14ers. So he knows. Very cool. Climb on!


    This is a great acknowledgement from another climber. Congrats on getting even more support for Alzheimer’s research. Your quest is truly honorable.
    Warm regards, Rodney


    Alan – congratualtions for an honor that you earned. Mark Udall is a fine man, and he climbed at a very high standard, so he knows how big your accomplishments are, both in the mountains and on behalf of Alzehimers research.


    Thanks all. Gloria, yes but humbled and motivated as I never now who is following our quest!


    Wow, that is a wonderful congrats from Senator Udall. He is an honorable man to represent us in Washington. You must be proud of your accomplishments!


    What a wonderful recognition of your efforts!!


    Great Letter, Great Interview,….made my afternoon!
    Standing behind you all the way!


    How COOL is that!! Very neat Alan! Have you framed it yet and which wall is it going on would be my questions 🙂


    Daaaaang!!! Nice!! Some serious recognition here! I know you would still be doing what you are doing without any recognition at all but this is truly special. Congratulations 🙂


    What can I say… Well done Alan and keep doing what you’re doing.
    Climb On!