Nepal 2015 Earthquake Update

Nepal Earthquake Map
showing the % of homes impacted by the multiple Nepal earthquakes.

The crisis in Nepal after the earthquake continues with over 8,  800 dead, 22,000 injured, 500,000 homes severely damaged, 3 million homeless.

Aftershocks continue to this day and will for a long time thus scaring people, and further damaging homes.

According to the Nepal government, the country is looking at losses estimated at about $10 billion—nearly half of its gross domestic product of $19.2 billion

Two organizations—Global Shelter Cluster and the REACH Initiative—surveyed about 1,680 households in the 14 districts that were worst affected by the earthquake, about their living conditions after the earthquake. The United Nations estimates that 2.8 million people were displaced after the earthquake and its aftershocks flattened their homes.

Quick Facts:

  • 72% said they had to leave their homes because of the aftershocks.
  • 90% of the households surveyed across districts reported some kind of damage following the earthquake.
  • Most of the buildings built from stone were flattened
  • 60% of the households surveyed said they had begun to build temporary shelters
  • 69% of the households reported a significant decline in income following the earthquake as most relied on subsistence gardening and their livestock to earn money.
  • 31% of households have no source of energy after the earthquake.
  • 21% of those surveyed believed they would be protected during the monsoon
  • 31% of the households said quality of water has declined
  • high risk of the spread of the hepatitis E, largely because of contaminated water and food supplies.
  • 11% of the respondents reporting that they don’t have access to any toilet facilities
  • 70% of the households said they were receiving public information by word-of-mouth
  • 40% of households reported that they don’t have access to education facilities
  • 10% reporting that they did not have any access to health services

See the full survey here.

To help, I suggest donating to thee organization where 100% of your money will go directly to the earthquake victims.


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