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Apr 202021
Author Interview: Jim Davidson - The Next Everest

The regular readers of my blog and social media don’t need an introduction to Jim Davidson. We met in 2001 and have been great friends and climbing partners almost ever since. I consider him a mentor who has taught me a lot about ice and rock climbing, general mountaineering, and life. Recently I had the opportunity to review his new book, “The Next Everest.” Oh my, what a read. Many people are familiar with his first book, “The Ledge,” co-written with Kevin Vaughan. In that book, he walks through the life-changing event on Mt. Rainier where Jim’s climbing partner and continue reading

Apr 242019
Everest 2019:Remembering The Day Nepal Shook

April 25 is always a difficult day in Nepal. This year, 2019, marks the fourth anniversary of the deadly 7.8 magnitude earthquake that occurred in Nepal taking 9,000 lives, including 19 at Everest Base Camp.  I’m sure there will be many services, memorials and simple quiet moments to honor those who died, and keep their memories alive. I wrote this narrative a few years ago about my own experience that day. I was going between Camp 1 and Camp 2 when the quake hit. It’s a moment in my life, I will never forget. So no big update today on what’s continue reading

Apr 242018
Everest 2018: The Day Nepal Shook

Some memories are so etched into your essence, that they will never go away and they will always be clear. The day my mom asked me “Now, who are you again?” The day I met Di and publicly committed to her in our backyard three years later. The day the Khumbu Glacier dropped by inches under my feet while hearing the roar of avalanches all around me. Yes, Memories are Everything. Three years ago today, at 11:56 am April 25th, 2015, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit in Nepal taking 9,000 lives, including 19 at Everest Base Camp. A Short Walk I continue reading

Nepal 2015 Earthquake Update

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Jun 202015
Nepal 2015 Earthquake Update

The crisis in Nepal after the earthquake continues with over 8,  800 dead, 22,000 injured, 500,000 homes severely damaged, 3 million homeless. Aftershocks continue to this day and will for a long time thus scaring people, and further damaging homes. According to the Nepal government, the country is looking at losses estimated at about $10 billion—nearly half of its gross domestic product of $19.2 billion Two organizations—Global Shelter Cluster and the REACH Initiative—surveyed about 1,680 households in the 14 districts that were worst affected by the earthquake, about their living conditions after the earthquake. The United Nations estimates that 2.8 million continue reading

May 272015
4 Ways to Help Nepal

The Nepali people are working hard to rebuild their homes and their spirit is strong. The world community has been generous thus far but there is so much more to be done. In this post I will give an overview of the current status, per my understanding, and make firm recommendations on how you can help. Also, I want to promote help for the village of Pangboche where Lama Geshi and Kami Sherpa lives. This small village is slightly off the main trail from Namche to Everest Base Camp but frequently visited by climbers to receive a blessing from the continue reading

May 132015
Update on Latest Nepal Earthquakes

Sadly another major earthquake, 7.2, hit Nepal on Tuesday, May 12, 2015. The epicenter was near Namche Bazaar and the damage is said to be extensive in the Solo Khumbu per Ang Tshering, Charmin of the Climate Alliance of Himalayan Communities. They report the following: Contact was made within 5 minutes of earthquake through satellite phone with people in Khumbu: Damages to property has been vast in the Solukhumbu region  Too early to report on human and livestock casualties  Efforts to contact others in Khumbu have failed due to difficulties in communication lines  Reports are streaming in of the effects continue reading