Everest 2018: Summit Wave 6 Underway

Here we go for the fifth day in a row for Everest summits. Looks like the summit teams may have several inches of snow over the next three days but the winds remain manageable. We’ll see what really happens. Several other teams are staged at the South Col and C3 on the North for early Saturday 19 May summits. Many are climbing NOW!

Adventure Consultants is climbing and already to the Balcony.  Matt Moniz and Willie Benegas at at C3 Friday looking to summit Everest on the 20th and Lhotse on the 21st.  You can follow Willie’s GPS tracker or Matt’s.

As yesterday, I assume there may be other teams including Asian Trekking, Seven Summits Treks, small Nepal guides companies and a few independents.  There are still more teams that are targeting the weekend including the three sub teams of IMG totaling over 20 members plus the ones I mentioned may be going up tonight. Summit Climb on the Nepal side is holding off until 22/23 May – try late this year.


Danish Everest climber Rasmus Kragh is trying to become the first Dane to summit without supplemental oxygen or Sherpa climbing support – follow via his GPS. 

Rasmus Kragh Everest 2018

Transcend should be sending their third team up tonight after a member’s illness delayed them but at least one day. The member was taken to the Nepal border and flown to Kathmandu where I’m told he is out of danger. Looks like Summit Climb on the Tibet side is finally going up. They were last reported at C3.

7 Summits Club are hoping for continued success for their last three teams. Furtenbach should be sending their “flash” team running higher – they pre-acclimatized and are on a 4 week home to home program.  Similar to the south side, I assume there are Chinese teams, small Chinese and Nepali guide companies plus Seven Summits Treks.

More as I get it.

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