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Apr 212021
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Mike Hamill

I caught up with Everest Guide Mike Hamill owner of Climbing The Seven Summits (CTSS) live at EBC to discuss Base Camp luxuries for #Everest2021.

CTSS was founded by Mike after years of serving as a lead guide for another major company. He has a loyal following of clients and has set long-term goals to be a significant player in the global mountaineering market. Mike’s vision is to meet his client’s needs and expectations and appears to be a leader, not a follower when it comes to base camp services. While some people may not understand this level of service at a place like Everest Base Camp, Mike feels it’s entirely appropriate as he explains in the interview.

He offers one of the widest arrays of service and expedition organization as he explained for 2021 on Everest:

Our Western Guided Program – headed up by Guides Casey Grom and Mark Postle

Our Private Guided Climbers – our 1:1 climbers with their individual guides, be it private Western Guides or highly qualified IFMGA (internationally certified) Sherpa guides.

Our Personal Sherpa climbers & our IFMGA Sherpa Team Climbers (which is headed up by Guide Big Tendi) and our Lhotse climbers

Finally, Our Speed Ascent Climbers  – who are preacclimatised and ready to tackle Everest & Lhotse.

Now, here’s MIke from Everest Base Camp at 7:00 am April 21, 2021. Note: We connected using me using Zoom from Colorado and Mike was WiFi using EverestLink at EBC. There are a few stalls and freezes but hang with it, they are short.

Everest 2021: Interview with Mike Hamill of Climbing thre Seven Summits

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  7 Responses to “Everest 2021: Interview with Everest Guide Mike Hamill on Base Camp Luxuries”


    You’ll always have people moaning about these sorts of things.
    Gear and kit progresses, tents in the 70s/80s/90s were better than the 50s and so on. Boots, insulation, communications, its all just development.
    The folks on the 20s expeditions would probably have turned their noses up at the new kit on the 50s expeditions.

    It’s quite simple and is the same as any other aspect of life. You go with the best that you can afford and if you can afford the awesome tent and guiding service why wouldn’t you?
    If you feel that strongly, you’d be No O’s, self supported and no fixed lines……….if your on a commercial trip, it doesn’t really matter where you sleep.


    The rich and pampered corrupt everything.


    One more thought. It seems they suffer enough once you start climbing so why not have a nice place to come back to to relax and recover.


    I will never climb Everest so I’m an outsider, but I love how far they’ve come. If I were to climb Everest, I’d love to have as many comforts and luxuries that they’re coming up with these days. And as someone else commented, I also love that you can zoom to base camp now. I am curious if the guides will be willing interview participants if tragedy strikes this season.
    I enjoyed this light hearted video, Mike Hamill seems like he as a calm nature about himself. I’m sure people like him are good to have around when things get chaotic on the mountain. Thanks again for your updates, we all appreciate them very much


    Ummm. No. Everest has become a rich mans egocentric tourist attraction. 1985 we had bare minimum tents and considered ourselves most fortunate. Sorry


    Unbelievable and so cool that you can zoom/Skype to Base Camp now!!!