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May 282021
Lhotse Plume

Heavy snow continues on Everest, but a couple of teams at C2 hoping for a summit window from May 29-31.

Garrett Madison tells me from Base Camp around 10 am Friday, May 28, “Snowing hard here in EBC..climbers worried now about too much snow & avalanche danger on the Lhotse face…SPCC closing the icefall May 31, if climbers stay longer up high they might need to helicopter out from C2”

According to Jenn Drummond tracker, she is still at C2. It could be the device is out of power or not turned on.

Climbalaya is also at C2 with eight people

Climbalaya Everest Expedition 2021 team now at Camp 2 for rest. Everyone are all good and fine.

Last Up

These are expected to nab the last opportunity of the season at the end of May:

Confirmed at C2:

Expected by not confirmed:

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  3 Responses to “Everest 2021: Weather Hold”


    I’m waiting for updates from the storm, I hope all is well. Just concerned about everyone’s safety.


    I do worry about Nirmal Purja Purja Purja’s team. I hope he’s not being foolhardy – it’s one thing to take risks when you are chasing records but another with commercial clients, some of whom aren’t that experienced.