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Sep 092021

I caught up with German Alpinist Jost Kobusch, who now lives in Chamonix, France to discuss his upcoming 2021/22 winter, no O’s, solo attempt of Everest’s West Ridge. This exact style and the route had never been attempted.

In 2019, Jost tagged his high point at 7,329-meters/23,750-feet. He said before starting the expedition, he would be pleased to tag 8,000-meters so he got close. This time he is again targeting 8,000-meters and I hope he reaches the summit.

We cover a range of topics from how he got into climbing, what he learned from his 2019 attempt, what he’s doing differently this time, his style of solo, no O’s, and more. I think you’ll enjoy meeting this 29-year-old climber.

Video Interview with Jost Kobusch's Winter 2021:22 Everest West Ridge Attempt

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  4 Responses to “Video Interview with Jost Kobusch’s Winter 2021/22 Everest West Ridge Attempt”


    Intersting Podcast thank you Alan. I believe his last name is spelled Kobusch with one h.


    Low chance of success but it is not zero. Must be great to have that mountain all to yourself regardless of whether you get to the top or not.


    Good luck.
    Carpe diem !


    This was truly great Alan, thank you! Though I think he has no chance, I appreciate his humbleness and determination. He’s a huge inspiration for following his dreams in pure style! Bravo! Wish him all the luck.