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Mar 302010
Yaks to Everest Base Camp

After last week’s flight delays to Lukla, ask Yeti Airlines and others are running full loads this week. Multiple reports from teams speak of their uneventful flights to Lukla – which is a good thing! Lukla is generally ranked in the top three most dangerous airports in the world due to the short runway perched on a cliff.

For the next few weeks, however, store teams will be in Kathmandu and in the villages throughout the Khumbu.

While in Kathmandu, they will enjoy pizza at Fire & Ice and a civilized start to their day at Mike’s Breakfast near Thamel. Some good news for those still in Kathmandu, the rolling power blackouts have ended so no more noisy generators at night – only the barking dogs. Man I miss Kathmandu!

Back in the Khumbu, the trails are full of loaded yaks. Adventure Consultants report 50 yaks with their gear are on the way to base camp. AC, similar to other expeditions, fly most of their gear to the grass airstrip near Namche Bazaar. There, yaks take over the heavy lifting for the final journey to EBC. Of course on the north, gear is driven all the way to base camp on the recently paved road. Yaks then take it to ABC.

As I have mentioned, the trek to base camp is a highlight. I enjoyed this dispatch from Gary Matthews with EverestER discussing his adjustment to the altitude, among other things.

Today, listening to Guns and Roses on my “mellow playlist”, my mind took a break from obsessing about my own suffering and fears, allowing me to observe the surroundings. spring in the Khumbu means planting season. I watched the locals cultivate large plots of land by hand to plant potatoes. These potatoes are an important food source in the Khumbu. Their introduction to the area approximately 75 years ago played an important role ending much of the famine in the area.

It is the blog of the day.

Other dispatches speak of thunderstorms and lightening throughout Nepal. I am reminded that some trekking agencies suggest carrying an umbrella on the trek. Not a bad idea.

Climb On!


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  3 Responses to “The Migration to Base Camp Begins”


    Excellent work Alan. Looking forward to your coverage.

    BTW – do you know what happened to I see no new updates since Jan on that site.


    i believe the blackouts were only shortned; not eliminated.


    Thanks for the update Alan. Good to hear no more flight delays.