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Climbing the World to End Alzheimer's
Mar 302010
The Migration to Base Camp Begins

After last week’s flight delays to Lukla, Yeti Airlines and others are running full loads this week. Multiple reports from teams speak of their uneventful flights to Lukla – which is a good thing! Lukla is generally ranked in the top three most dangerous airports in the world due to the short runway perched on a cliff. For the next few weeks, however, teams will be in Kathmandu and in the villages throughout the Khumbu.

Mar 292010
summer Climbing Plans

It is spring time in Colorado as evidence by deep snowfall that melts away the next day. So it is time to finalize my plans for summer climbs. My priority is to compete the Colorado 14ers. But also, I want to grab a few California 14ers and perhaps something big in the Fall. I have climbed 48 of the 54 Colorado 14ers. But of course the list is actually 58 so I need to climb 58! Confused? Well here is the explanation from my 14ers page

Mar 262010
How Difficult is Climbing Everest?

One measure of climbing difficulty is the rating and climbing has a terminology of it’s own. You read that she just redpointed a 5.12c and wonder if this was something from NASA, or Congress. I have seen Everest described as a simple “walk-up” meaning that no actual climbing is involved so I thought a quick review of what defines climbing might be helpful. I will use the South Col route as the example.

Mar 252010
And They're Off!

Climbers continue to stream into Kathmandu from all around the world. I updated the expedition count and can already identify over 150 named climbers just on the south side and over 50 on the north. But the true number could easily exceed 350 on both sides. To put this in context, in 2009, we saw over 300 summits and sadly, 5 deaths and nearly 500 summits set a single season record in 2007.

Mar 232010
If I Could Sing or Dance …

Many of you know of Memories are Everything: The 7 Summits where I want to raise $1M for Alzheimer’s’ research through awareness and fund raising events associated with climbing the 7 Summits; the highest mountain on each of the 7 continents. I announced the plan almost year ago so it is time for a proper update. First it is important to understand that this is about finding a cure for Alzheimer’s, not mountain climbing. You see, if I could sing or dance…

Mar 182010
Tweeting from Everest

On my first Himalayan expedition, I spent $1 per character to send an email. “Hi, I’m back safely” costs $19! How times have changed. Twittering from the Top is not unheard of today. Expeditions send emails, pictures and videos from trek to summit – all for pennies. Social media is a key tool for climbers and expedition companies to promote and share their adventures. The ability to stay in touch is priceless for some climbers. I know that without my satellite phone to call my wife, I would be lost on long expeditions. The opportunity to bring others along on continue reading

2010 Team List

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Mar 152010
2010 Team List

My coverage of Everest benefits Alzheimer’s research. If you enjoy this coverage, please donate generously today. 100% of all donations go to research – zero to me. I summited Everest on May 21, 2011. The reports can be read on my Blog On this page you will find the 2010 team’s final statistics based on their public information and an overview of this season’s most recent stories. Click on any headline to read the full story. See a list of all Everest 2010 Posts. 513 total summits     South Col Route   TEAMS BC C1 C2 C3 C4 Summit: continue reading