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Mar 292010
Durango & Silverton Train

It is spring time in Colorado as evidence by deep snowfall that melts away the next day. So it is time to finalize my plans for summer climbs. My priority is to compete the Colorado 14ers. But also, I want to grab a few California 14ers and perhaps something big in the Fall.

Colorado 14ers

I have climbed 48 of the 54 list. But of course the list is actually 58 so I need to climb 58! Confused?

Well here is the explanation from my 14ers page

Colorado has 58 mountains over 14, 000 feet (4,266 meters) in height but only 53 are noted as ’14ers’. To qualify as a 14er the peak must be 300 feet higher than saddle of an adjacent peak. A notable exception is North Maroon Peak so 54 has become the ‘official’ number.

The four scheduled for August are all in the Chicago Basin. You take the Durango & Silverton steam train into the wilderness only to get off while they refill the water tank. From there you backpack to the base of the four mountains. I am really looking forward to this climb. Also on tap this summer are climbs with my friend John Little as well as my regular partners, Robert, Patrick and Jim.

Here is my 2010 list.


  • Little Bear Peak 14,040′ Class 4


  • Mt. Wilson 14,250′ Class 4
  • El Diente 14,164′ Class 4


  • North Eolus14,039′ Class 3
  • Mt. Eolus 14,088 Class 3
  • Sunlight Peak 14,064 Class 4
  • Windom Peak 14,087′ Class 2

California 14ers

California has 13 (or 15 depending on the count) mountains over 14,000′ and Mt. Whitney is the tallest and special. It is the highest peak in the lower US 48 states at 14,505′. I will be climbing it in April so as to avoid the hassle of getting a permit via a lottery system used by California. You see Whitney is so popular that it is being climbed to death thus the limit of 100 climbers per day. I will also try to climb Mt Russell which is near Whitney. I hope to return to California in June for more 14ers.

Something Big

Nepal always calls to me and I have been invited to join a Manaslu climb in October. I am not sure at this point but would love to return to an 8000m mountain. Manaslu is in eastern Nepal, an area I have not yet visited.

7 Summits

Of course all this could change in a blink if I can attract that partner to help me publicize my Memories are Everything: 7 Summits for Alzheimer’s journey. As you know this is a climb of the 7 Summits to raise $1M for Alzheimer’s research.

My philosophy is to only climb if I believe I will raise more money than it costs to climb. I have everything lined up except for a business partner that will help me get the word out to the millions of potential donors to raise $1M. I have set a big goal because this is a big problem and needs a big solution. You can always make a small (or large) donation today. 100% to research, none to me or overhead.

My first climb would be to Mt Elbrus in Russia followed by Kilimanjaro in Africa.

As always, we will see what the future holds and live every moment to the fullest.  Remember that in April and May, my annual coverage of the Everest climbing season is underway. Thanks for your interest and  support.

Climb On!


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  4 Responses to “summer Climbing Plans”


    Excellent! Sounds like great climbing plans to me. See you on the mountain….


    Can’t wait to climb with again Alan.


    Sounds like your going to be busy this summer!


    Great summer plans!!! Fingers crossed for a business partner to help publicize Memories are Everything: 7 summits.