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May 232021
Everest plume from space courtesy of NASA

A big day of summits on Sunday, May 23, 2021, albeit in blustery conditions. I estimate over 40 members supported by a stunning 67 Sherpas summited. It appears a similar number is headed up Sunday night for a Monday morning summit before snow and winds return. Lhotse also had many summits.

Mountain Professionals had seven of their 10 members summit plus an unknown number of Sherpas.

The Russian-based outfit, 7 Summits Club, put seven members plus an estimated seven Sherpas on top. They didn’t mention the names of their Sherpas:

  • Alexander Abramov (Head);
  • Danielle Wolfson (participant, Israel);
  • Anna Permilovskaya (participant, Russia);
  • Mikhail Mikheev (participant, Russia);
  • Georgy Shulepov (participant, Russia);
  • Dmitry Livanov (participant, Russia);
  • Eduard Kubatov (participant, Kyrgyzstan).
We are happy to announce that most of team have already made to the summit!!!
1. Mr. Valentyn – Ukraine
2. Mr. Sambhaji – India
3. Mr. Deepak – India
4. Ms. Olga – Moldova
5. Ms. Iryna – Ukraine
6. Mr. Adel – Morocco
List of Sherpa:
Mr. Danuru Sherpa (Dhobhane 09)
Mr. Pema Tashi Sherpa (Makalu 02)
Mr. Pemba Dorchee Sherpa (Makalu 02)
Mr. Nima Tashi Sherpa (Makalu 02)
Mr. Lakpa Thinduk Sherpa (Makalu 02)
Mr. Lakpa Gyaljen Sherpa (Makalu 02)
Mr. Nawang Sherpa (Makalu 01)
Mr. Urken Sherpa (Makalu 02)
Seven Summits Treks’ Indian Army team summited but didn’t list the names of their Sherpas. They still have another 15 waiting for their chance.
1. Ratan Singh Sonal 🇮🇳
2. Sumit Somra 🇮🇳
3. Suresh Chhetri 🇮🇳
4. Nima Sherpa Sankhuwasabha🇳🇵
5. Pastemba Sherpa Sankhuwasabha🇳🇵
6. Lakpa Sherpa Sankhuwasabha 🇳🇵
7. Ming Tenzi Sherpa Sankhuwasabha 🇳🇵
Climbing the Seven Summits had seven on the summit. They still have 12 people at the South Col hoping to go tonight who are said to be returning to C2.
  • Akash Negi
  • Mario Celinic
  • Francesco Tribelli
  • Tendi Sherpa (Big Tendi)
  • Ang Dawa Sherpa
  • Nima Tseri (Phortse)
  • Sonam Phinjo (Pang)

IMG had seven members supported by 16(!!!) Sherpas summit. They noted a Father, Son, and Daughter summit with Tenzing Dorjee Sherpa (Father), Sonam Tashi Sherpa (Son) and Pasang Kanchi Sherpa (Daughter).

1Karl Johan SvedjeholmSweden
2Phunuru SherpaNepal
3Gyaljen Dorji SherpaNepal
4Ngawang Tenjing SherpaNepal
5Yukinori InagakiJapan
6Jambale SherpaNepal
7Chhiring Tendi SherpaNepal
8Rawan Abdulkarim DakikTanzania
9Phinjo Dorji SherpaNepal
10Darinji SherpaNepal
11Isaac William SelbyCanada
12Karma Rita SherpaNepal
13Kari Lynn SudfeldUSA
14Sonam Tashi SherpaNepal
15Andrew James PolitzUSA
16Eduardo Manuel Koch GodinhoSouth Africa
17Chuldim SherpaNepal
18Pemba Gyaltsen SherpaNepal
19Pasang Kanchi SherpaNepal
20Nima Doma SherpaNepal
21Lhakpa Tenzing SherpaNepal
22Dawa Sonam SherpaNepal
23Tenzing Dorjee SherpaNepal
And Madison Mountaineering who lead this wave had more success with 14 members supported by 22(!!) Sherpas.
  • 06:30 – Kristin H. / Aang Phurba Sherpa / Dawa Bhote
  • 08:30 – Kevin W. / Sid Pattison / Terray Sylvester / Phurba Ridar Bhote / Chhiring Bhote / Mingma Sherpa / Kul Bahadur Thapa Magar
  • 08:50 – Art M. / Pasang Bhote / Dawa Bhote
  • 09:15 – Cokie B. / Ronan M. / Mingma Dorjee Sherpa / Sange Sherpa / Pemba Sherpa / Lhakpa Bhote / Dawa Gyalgen Sherpa
  • 10:10 – Andrew H. / Kristin B. / Ben V. / Mark P. / Krisli M. / Rob Smith / Garrett Madison / Siddi Bahadur Tamang / Dawa Nupu Sherpa / Kam Dorjee Sherpa / Free Chhombi Sherpa / Diwas Sherpa / Tenzing Sherpa / Dorjee Sherpa
Several Brazilians have summited according to this source with Himalayan Accents
Kaitu Expedtions also saw many on top:
Nima Tenji Sherpa UIAGM and expedition leader , 7 Chinese and 1 American along with Pema Chiring , Dawa Tashi , Iman Gurung , Tashi Thundu , Mingma Chiri , Jit Bahadur , Angdu and Pemba Rita.
Last but not least is Brit Simon Ferrier-May who was climbing without supplemental Os is said to have summited but I haven’t seen official confirmation.

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  3 Responses to “Everest 2021: Summit Wave 3 Wrap Up”


    First Estonian woman summited! Happy for our little flat country. Thank you, Alan, for the coverage, as every year!


    Alan, can you explain situations where it appears a client summited with 2 or 3 Sherpas (or a group of 4 clients with 6 or 7 Sherpas)? I always thought that it was typically a 1:1 ratio. Are teams sending up more Sherpas (carrying more O2 or for another reason) or is it just that everyone is being counted more precisely?


      2Two primary reasons: 1) many operators offer “extra oxygen” options that allow the member to climb at higher flow rates thus the need for more bottles and a second Sherpa to carry the bottles. And 2) when a number of members bail at, for example the South Col, the Sherpas still want to summit to “pad” their CV.