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May 222021
Everest plume from space courtesy of NASA


We are happy to announce that most of team have already made to the summit!!!
Following are the list of Members and Sherpa who have successfully reach the summit.
1. Mr. Valentyn – Ukraine
2. Mr. Sambhaji – India
3. Mr. Deepak – India
4. Ms. Olga – Moldova
5. Ms. Iryna – Ukraine
6. Mr. Adel – Morocco
List of Sherpa:
Mr. Danuru Sherpa (Dhobhane 09)
Mr. Pema Tashi Sherpa (Makalu 02)
Mr. Pemba Dorchee Sherpa (Makalu 02)
Mr. Nima Tashi Sherpa (Makalu 02)
Mr. Lakpa Thinduk Sherpa (Makalu 02)
Mr. Lakpa Gyaljen Sherpa (Makalu 02)
Mr. Nawang Sherpa (Makalu 01)
Mr. Urken Sherpa (Makalu 02)
We would like to congratulate them for the grand success!!
Stay Tuned for more Updates!
Several Brazilians have summited according to this source but no solid details as to their logistics company.
But some teams feel the winds are still too strong. This from Summit Climb:
Waiting For The Wind! Strong breezes continued through the night. All of us are resting on oxygen. Its morning now and the sun is up. There is still a lenticular cloud on the summit and it is very windy. Our plan is to rest, rehydrate, eat, and try to go tonight after dinner.

UPDATE 2: First summits on Wave 3.

GPS tracker and his message shows that Jonathan Lamy just summited. More expected soon. I estimate 75 on this push.

UPDATE 1: Madison Mountaineering left South Col for Summit. They posted:

Hello!  This is Garrett calling in for the Madison Mountaineering Everest team.  It is nearly midnight on May 23rd and we’re getting ready to head out and go for our summit attempt here on Mount Everest!

A little gusty up here but the winds are supposed to die down.  So we’re hoping the forecast holds true and we get some nice, calm winds up there today and a clear sky for a nice view.  We’re all excited to start our summit push and we’ve been training hard and prep’d for a long time.  So, this is the BIG night!

We’re gonna set off here shortly and we’ll check in when we get back.  Thanks!

You can follow them on their GPS tracker. They left around midnight, Teams usually leave the Col between 7:00 and 9:00 pm.

It’s unclear what is happening on Everest late Saturday night, Nepal time. I’ve checked with several teams and there is little to no communications from the South Col. High winds and a lenticular cloud is hovering over the summit. Usually, teams will NOT climb in these conditions. Another team canceled their expedition citing COVID.

My best guess is 1) they have left and not updated their home teams or 2) more likely, they are holding at the Col for the winds to lie down. Several posts suggest 100 people headed to the Col yesterday, so combined with those already there, probably 150+ at the Col tonight.

From Summit Climb:

22 May – Everest News Continued: South Col !! We arrived at 1645 pm. Our team is doing well, Sherpas are amazing as ever. Climbing the Geneva Spur was a little steep but not bad. We are still climbing together with the same 100 or so people. Everyone was being polite and helpful. The group is moving at a good steady pace. The weather has been a bit mixed, with clouds shifting around throughout the afternoon, especially due to this massive lenticular cloud clinging to the summit like a windblown head of hair. So after this long 10 hour day, we are cresting the Spur, onto the South Col, finally reaching out in excitement to touch our ultimate goal: 8000 metres! But, I have to admit, we feel a bit dissapointed…Its so damn WINDY up here Now we are safe in the tents resting, drinking, eating, and huffing huge amounts of bottled oxygen. Except for some of our members who are trying to climb without O2.

Please visit my location page to see where the team’s last reported location.

Another Cancellation

Mountain Trip canceled their expedition citing a lack of Sherpa support. They’ve had six Shepras flown to Kathmandu with COVID symptoms. This makes three teams citing COVID for canceling: Chinese on the Tibet side, Furtenbach, and now Mountain Trip.

Climb On!
Memories are Everything

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  4 Responses to “Everest 2021: Summit Wave 3 – Update 3”


    Brazilian team logistics is provided by Himalayan Ascent. Congrats to the team!


    Today the last summit wave of this season? Weather forecast shows a lot of snow coming week, and with the closure of the icefall it looks like teams at ebc running out of time?


    This is off topic, but Do you know how to get mail to Nepal? Wanting to send something to family of Pemba Tashi Sherpa. I have an address. Would they receive mail out there directly? Sorry. My email isn’t working.