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Jul 192021
Climbing to Camp 1 on Broad Peak in 2006

Scattered reports are coming in of serious trouble and death from Sunday’s summits on Broad Peak as the peaks are now being hit by bad weather.

The news agency, Yonhao News Agency, reported that Korean climber Kim Hong Bin, 57, is missing and presumed dead. Also, I received a text from a climber on Broad Peak who said “a Russin woman” had fallen into the same crevasse and was rescued. It’s believed to be Anastasia Runova. The text added, that climbers were descending with severe frostbite. Finally one of the climbers with Karakorum Expeditions had not arrived at Camp 3 after the summit, and helicopters were being dispatched for rescue. But with the poor weather, it’s doubtful the choppers will fly.

Антон Пуговкин posted some details on Facebook that described a 15-meter slip into a crevasse and that Vitaly Lazoleft with teammate, Thomas Lone, tried to render aid but were unsuccessful

Kim had lost all ten fingers to frostbite in 1991 while climbing Denali. Broad Peak was the last of his 8000ers. He was climbing with Blue Sky Tours who posted these climbers summited on Sunday:

1) Mr.Hongbin Kim
2) Mis. Sofie Lenaerts
3) Mr.Stef Maginelle
4) Mr.Yousuf
5) Mr.Imtiyaz
6) Mr. Mehdi
7) Mr.Hussian (Rope Fixing leader)

The area between Camp 3 and the saddle is known to have multiple crevasses. Almost every year, a climber or two falls in and occasionally it results in a death.

My deep condolences to Mr. Bin’s family, teammates, and friends.

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