Video Interview with Jon Gupta: 7 Himalayan Climbs in 2021

Jon Gupta on K2

I caught up with British climbing Guide, Jon Gupta of Mountain Expeditions to discuss his amazing 2021 where he guided mostly one client, fellow Brit Rebecca ‘Becks’ Ferry on six 8000-meter mountains. He also climbed a 7000er with a friend and is now on Ama Dablam. Overall he climbed (time the discussion starts in the video)

  • Everest (Summit) at 19:50
  • Lhotse (Summit) at 22:00
  • Makalu (reached 7500m)
  • K2 (Summit) at 25:05
  • Pobeda (reached 7200m)
  • Manaslu (Fore Summit ~8160m) at 40:00
  • Dhaulagiri (reached 7817m) at 36.09
  • Ama Dablam – TBD

We cover a range of topics from how he got into climbing, why he prefers private guiding over the large commercial team model, his experience on Everest (at 19:50), especially with COVID (at 22:48), their experience on Makalu (25:05) which Becks considers her best moment even though they didn’t summit, their K2 summit (25:05) – a first for Jon and Becks, their summit experience on Manaslu (40:00) and the current discussion around the true vs. fore summit, and why they turned back on their summit push on Dhaulagiri (36:09).

I think you’ll enjoy meeting this highly experienced Mountain Guide and enjoy watching some of his videos that can also be found on his Instagram and Facebook accounts.


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