Video Interview with Rebecca ‘Becks’ Ferry: Six 8000ers in Six Months

Rebecca 'Becks' Ferry

I caught up with British climber Rebecca ‘Becks’ Ferry to discuss her amazing 2021 climbs on six 8000-meter mountains. This British mother of five children ages 12 to 18 had limited high altitude experience, with summits on Island Peak and Ama Dablam, but deep inside, she wanted to try the hard ones saying, let’s begin with K2!

Along with British Professional Mountain Guide, Jon Gupta, they started with Everest and Lhotse as a “warm-up’ for K2 but overall climbed on six peaks reaching the main summits of three.

  • Everest (Summit)
  • Makalu (reached 7500m)
  • Lhotse (Summit)
  • K2 (Summit)
  • Manaslu (Fore Summit ~8160m)
  • Dhaulagiri (reached 7817m)

We cover a range of topics from how she got into climbing, to all the climbs in this fast-paced interview. I think you’ll enjoy meeting Becks, hearing about her family and why she climbs and, of course, what’s next!

Six 8000ers in Six Months: Video Interview with Rebecca 'Becks' Ferry 1Monday, Nov 1,3:24 PM

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3 thoughts on “Video Interview with Rebecca ‘Becks’ Ferry: Six 8000ers in Six Months

  1. So inspiring Becks! As a mother of four mountaineer and ultra runner, it is so hard to find like-minded female role models. I hope to meet you next Spring if you return to the Himalayas! 2021 has been a crazy year so to see such success alongside a caring nature is truly, as said by Dale, a breath of fresh air.
    Alan, your interviewing style is also a breath of fresh air to allow Becks to shine.

  2. What an amazing lady. I don’t think in the UK Rebecca had enough coverage of what she has achieved on the big mountains. But having watched the video, I don’t think she is the type of person that cares about the fanfare. She is doing what she loves doing and that is all that matters to her. I salute you Rebecca! And an amazing interview Alan where we understood her true feelings and the beauty of climbing.

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