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Jan 162021
K2 Traverse 2014 ©

Winter K2 Summit Overview:

The historic winter summit of K2 is underway on Saturday, January 16, 2021, by an all Nepali team. K2 is the last of the fourteen 8,000-meter peaks not summited in winter.

The plan was to leave high camp around 1:00 am Saturday morning and summit about 12 hours later. Of course, a lot depends on snow and wind conditions. It will be cold, with wind chills hovering around -55C/-67F. They will be setting the fixed rope as they climb, so later teams will probably move faster. Remember that Migma G is climbing without supplemental oxygen. He could be the first to summit K2 in the winter with no Os.


Spanish climber and Seven Summits Treks’ Co-Leader Sergi Mingote is reported to have fallen between C1 and ABC and was unconscious, a rescue is being organized. Simone Moro is assisting from Manaslu.

Summit Push Update #4, 4:30: (all times local K2)

NO UPDATES from the team as of this time. I’m in continuous contact with their teams. I’m told all ten climbers will collect 30 feet below the summit and top out together. The weather remains good but the winds are forecasted to pick up significantly later Saturday night into Sunday.

There are a few scenarios: 1) they are holding the announcement for sponsors (primarily Nim’s Red Bull, etc.) 2) they are just celebrating for themselves and will get to us eventually or 3) they are waiting for the slowest climber to join them to summit together.

Summit Push Update #3, 1:30: (all times local K2)

Mingma G says at 1:00 “We are now 200m away to make Nepal n climbing community proud. “They are now past the Bottleneck, and the Traverse and will summit around 2-2:30 pm local time.

SST Leader, Dawa Sherpa later posted from Base Camp that “ he team planned to stop 10 meters below the summit, form a group (all 10 climbers) and reach the summit together!

Approaching K2 Summit 2014 ©

Approaching K2 Summit 2014 ©

Summit Push Update #2, 7:00: (all times local K2)

Dawa from SST notes: “Team crossing bottle neck in Mt. K2.” If they left at 1:00am, this is extremely slow but they are fixing rope and have a climber without Os. Current wind on K2’s summit from Amazing.

There is always a time lag in these ascents. I assume they will cross the Traverse quickly and summit in the afternoon, which, unlike Everest, is not a problem.


K2 Traverse 2014 ©

K2 Traverse 2014 ©

Summit Push Update #1, 01:00: Climbers should have (seeking confirmation) left High Camp and are climbing towards the Bottleneck, which is notorious for rockfall. They are climbing in the dark under clear skies, temps around -40C with a windchill at -50C. It should take several hours to reach the traverse, which is the most time-consuming part of route fixing. It can take several hours.

Ice Serac from K2 C4 2014 ©

Ice Serac from K2 C4 2014 ©


Approaching the Bottleneck Above K2 C4 2014 ©

Approaching the Bottleneck Above K2 C4 2014 ©


With the fixed ropes set to 7800-meters, the summit team left Camp 4 near 25,080’/7600m for the summit at 1:00 am Saturday.  The team of ten includes:

  • Nirmal Purja’ Team:
    • Nirmal Purja
    • Gelje Sherpa
    • Mingma David Sherpa
    • Mingma Tenzi Sherpa
    • Dawa Temba Sherpa
    • Pem Chhiri Sherpa
  • MIngma G’s team:
    • Mingma G
    • Kilu Pemba Sherpa
    • Dawa Tenjing Sherpa
  • SST Sherpa:
    • Sona Sherpa

Nirmal Purja will lead the summit team and they suggest there will be no one person claiming the summit but rather a team summit on behalf of Nepal. This has been Mingma G.’s plan all along with his Sherpa-only team. Nirmal Purja summit team is also only Sherpa. One Sherpa from Seven Summits Treks is on the summit push. Both gentlemen, Mingma and Nirmal Purja, have expressed a deep desire to show the world that Nepalis are just as credible climbers as any other nationality on the planet.

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  5 Responses to “Winter K2 Summit Update #4 of 4: Tracking the Historic Summit Push”


    I just read that Sergi Mingote broke one leg and trying to come down between camp1 and abc he fell 600meters and died… r.i.p and my condolence to his family


    Sst just announced the successful summit! Hope they will descent safe and also pray for Sergi!


    Dear Alan!
    Namaste & Salamaleykum!

    Shukran! Can’t thank you how much we appreciate your updates, tracking, stories, thoughts and information about our dearest Sherpa-dais and friends realizing & writing history on K2 in winter, may all be blessed and healthy!
    Hopefully someday in the future I’m able to tell you my Tashi delek & Thuche personally for your work & background efforts!

    sabrina from Austria


    Did you hear anything about Sergi Mingote? Seems he fell from C1 and has to be evacuated. Can you confirm this?


    Did you hear anything about Sergi Mingote? Seems he feel from C1 and has to be evacuated. Can you confirm this?