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May 122018

OK, it finally looks like the real deal is on for #Everest2018. Multiple teams are reported to be leaving base camps on both sides to get in position for summits between May 14-20. Other teams are content to let this first wave pass, then to look at the next window. The long term forecast had called for winds to calm on 11 May as a huge high pressure system moved on top of Everest perhaps for two weeks. Of course, we will see what really happens but if this scenario occurs, it will allow the close to 700 people (members and support) on both sides to spread out.

The winds didn’t calm on Saturday 11 May but now, reports are coming in from both sides that the winds are calming. The rope fixing team on the South side had hoped to finish the route Saturday 12 May but stayed at the South Col due to the winds. They hope to finish the job on Sunday the 13th. There are several teams at Camp 3 on the Lhotse Face prepared to do their summit push look at topping out around dawn on Tuesday, 15th. Mingma G. Sherpa and his team are at the South Col hoping to get it done a day earlier.

On the Tibet side, there are a few people at the North Col hoping to follow the rope fixers to the top. Its unclear when they will leave but almost certainly close to the Nepal schedule. A Lhotse summit attempt is underway now, 2:00 am Sunday 13 May.

Visit the Location Table to see my estimate of where the team are now.

Summit pushes have begun on Cho Oyu, Shishapangma, Kanchenjunga, Makalu and hopefully Dhaulagiri. Over on Manaslu, a Swiss team abandoned their effort due to avalanche conditions. And not good news on the search for Shishapangma climber Bulgarian Boyan Petrov, a helicopter took two passes over the route he was last seen on. They took video and pictures that were analyzed back at base camp yielded no evidence he was there. Also a search team arrived at his tents at both Camps 2 and 3. They found his tent but no signs of him.

I’ll have a more complete update on tomorrow’s Weekend Update.

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