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May 152018
Hillary Step by Nepal Mountaineering AssociationHillary Step by Nepal Mountaineering Association

One of the hot topics readers have asked about is if the Hillary Step is still there or not. There have been no comments thus far on the state of the Hillary Step from Sherpas or other climbers that have been in the area. The question is if it is still there or not after the 2015 earthquake.

Hillary Step or Slope?

It is often described as a nearly vertical rock face with a height of around 12 metres (39 ft) at 28,839’/8,790m feet just above the South Summit and 200’/60m below the summit. News broke early in the 2016 season by five time South side summiter, David Liano that the Hillary Step was gone. He took pictures, posted on his blog and the second guessing began. Then last year, 2017, guide Tim Mosedale posted on Facebook “The Hillary Step is no more” and that promoted denials for the Nepal Government.

Government says it OK

CNN reported last year that Gyanendra Shrestha from the Nepal Tourism Board and Ang Tshering Sherpa, the President of Nepal Mountaineering Association, as saying that Mosedale is mistaken. Shrestha said the step had been completely covered by snow so it “made it easier for climbers.”

“This is a false rumor,” Ang Tshering Sherpa said. “After this news surfaced … I checked with Sherpas, climbers, and officials at the Base Camp. Hillary Step is intact.” He said the rock face had been covered by “excessive snowfall … so some people assumed it had collapsed.”

Guides Say its gone

But the two American guides, Garrett Madison with eight summits and Ben Jones with four told Outside Magazine last year that it was gone. Madison was quoted “The boulder formally know as the Hillary Step is gone. It’s pretty obvious that the boulder fell off and has been replaced by snow. You can see some of the rocks below it that were there before, but the gigantic boulder is missing now.

Sherpas say it still there

Last year, Mingma Tsiri Sherpa who has nine summits told the Daily Mail, “The fixed lines are more to the right of the step (than before). We’re now walking on the snow whereas before we had to walk on the rocky side. That is the reason for the confusion.” And 15 time summiter, Pemba Dorje Sherpa said “The Hillary Step is as it was before, but a large stone above it has fallen


I’ve been eager to hear what the observation is this year so I’ve asked a long time experienced guide to see if his team can take a high-resolution picture and to see if we can decide if it is still a Step or now a Slope.



Hillary Step 2018 by Casey Grom

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